Genocide Prevention

The world reeled from the Holocaust in the months and years following WWII. Most questioned how the world had allowed mass death on the level committed by the Nazis against the Jews, Poles, homosexuals, and any other “inferior” races that became the targets of extermination. Punishment for genocide was established by the new United Nations, and the United States became a primary enforcer of these policies. As an emerging world power, America took on the burden of preventing genocide, but this has not always been widely accepted by Americans and others in the world. This discussion examines why the United States took on this role, and whether or not it should continue to have this role in the future.

1) Watch the Genocide documentary and read “Reaction to the Holocaust” p. 700-701 in American Promise.

1) Based off the materials, what role did the US play in intervening in genocide prior to the Holocaust? How did it change after the Holocaust? Use the examples of the Holocaust material and the documentary to support your answer.
2) In your opinion, what role should the United States play in preventing and intervening in genocide in the world? What should intervention look like? Explain.
3) Do we tolerate genocide or other atrocities today? Explain. Support your answer with modern examples if applicable.



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