Geology questions

A geologist mapped an area along the shoreline with well outcrops. Metasandstones and metapelites have been suffered from deformation. Faults, folds are formed and dykes are intruded to these rocks. Please use different stereonets for each measurements.Bedding: 172/28; 215/66; 240/15; 158/40; 141/84; 279/28; 190/18; 147/60Bedding with flute casts: 147/60 (bedding) – 136/59 (flute cast!); 172/28 – 132/22; 190/18 – 140/11Cleavage: 286/51; 293/53; 285/56; 292/50Faults and slickensides: 126/55 (Fault plane) – 119/55 (slickensides); 130/60 – 124/60; 121/64 – 112/64; 284/60 – 277/64Dykes: 130/84; 286/88; 288/90With these measurement; please answer questions:

e) What type of faults are they and what sense of movement do the slickensides indicate?f) In approximately which direction was the palaeocurrent flowing as given by the restored flute marks?g) Were the dykes, folds, faults and cleavage all formed under the same deformation? If not, which set of structures came first?h) From all the information available write a detailed geological history.

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