Examine pros and cons of different energy sources to meet our future energy needs.  You will be assigned a specific, non-fossil fuel energy resource to research via the internet.  You will write a 4-page paper.  Use space and a half or double spacing.  All style criteria for the first formal writing assignment apply to this paper.


Your paper will address this primary question:

Is there a single energy source, a “silver bullet” that will take the US (and the world) beyond the current fossil fuel era?

In answering this question, you will address these questions:


Question 1: What are the pros and cons of the specific energy source you researched?


Evaluate the pros and cons based on these criteria:

    1. Renewable vs. non-renewable
    2. Human health costs/risks
    3. Risks to other species and other environmental resources
    4. Amount of carbon dioxide generated
    5. Affordability
    6. Availability in the US


Question 2: Can your energy source stand alone to meet future energy needs?  Why or why not?


To answer this, consider:

    1. The different uses of energy,
    2. The expected demand for energy in the US and the world in the future,


Question 3: How would your energy resource fit into a diversified mix of non-fossil fuel energy sources to meet our energy needs?  Consider what role your resource might play, if any, and what other energy resource you recommend having as part of set of energy sources.




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