Gifted and Talented- Transition Into Adulthood

The wiki should be a brief overview of your presentation/paper . You should include pictures or video if applicable and, by all means, be creative. Basically, summarize the paper, illustrate pictures related to the paper, and atleast a link related to the topic.

  1. second page-
    a. Summarize the key points in the article- use this article –

b. Reflect on specific insights or research findings in the articles that are critical for a deeper understanding of the topic
c. Compare or contrast with a theoretical perspective or ideas from other readings such as your textbook.
d. Discuss a personal bias or assumption that is supported/challenged by the reading.
e. Discuss any difference in thinking you now have about the role of such factors such as gender, race, social-class, age, ethnicity in relation to the topic.

Sample Solution