Gilgamesh, the Hebrews, Odysseus

For this assignment, you will need to look at all of the journeys you’ve readabout so far, (Gilgamesh, the Hebrews, Odysseus). Look at the similarities in goals,motivation, results, etc…, as well as the differences. (It might help to make a list on aseparate piece of paper!) Then think about what this can tell us about people and theircultures in the ancient world of the Near East. What could account for the similaritiesyou’ve looked at? Did you come across any other journeys in your text readings that youcould tie into your primary source readings? You will need to write a 5 paragraph essay,so you will need three major points (not two, not four!!) to discuss in your paper. Don’tforget to cite any pertinent material properly, as that will count towards your grade. DoNOT plagiarize, remember, you MUST cite any quoted or paraphrased material.Do not use the phrase “a lot”. Ever.Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a thesis sentence; that is, it should have anopinion. Paragraphs, like sentences, should be short. If your paragraph takes up the entire page, it is too long.Do not confuse “of” and “have”: for example “must have had” is wrong; “must have had” is correct.Never, ever, ever start a sentence with a conjunction. A conjunction is a word that joins two sentences orphrases. The three conjunctions are “and”, “but”, and “or”. If you can say “this and that”, “this or that”, “this catbut that dog”, you CANNOT start a sentence with the conjunction.Speaking of “this” and “that”, if your pronouns outnumber your concrete nouns, you are in trouble. Limit yourpronoun usage.