Global Business Analysis Paper

Select a global business NOT already used in the course textbook as a case study. Using the theories and models you have learned in this class coupled with your own online research on this company write a short (maximum of five pages including reference list) report which analyzes how well positioned your company is as a global firm. Include your answers to the following questions as unique headed sections: ❑ What is the history and state of the company currently? Brief overview, no more than one page in length. ❑ What are its strengths and opportunities in the areas of economic, geographic/physical, political and culture? Maximum of one page. ❑ What dangers (threats and weaknesses) does the firm face in these same areas? Maximum of one page. ❑ What is your assessment of the firm’s position moving forward based on your SWOT analysis? Justify your findings with theories and models from the text. Maximum of one-and-a-half pages.




Sample Solution