Global Diasporas

  1. Taking the example of any ONE diaspora community, provide an overview of its migration history to the United States, paying attention to the context of their arrival and settlement pattern, their socio-economic experience, extent of cultural adaptation and degree of integration with other communities in their adopted new home and nature of cultural identity challenges confronting them, if any. [Guidance: You are expected to choose one of the diaspora communities we studied but if you want to use another, that’s fine but check with us first. Whilst the focus of the answer is going to be on your chosen diaspora community, you can also make comparisons with other communities to make your arguments. You are expected to cover all aspects as stated in the question. Descriptive answers are not expected to achieve a higher grade – so the last concluding section on identifying nature of cultural identity challenges and discussing how or whether these have been accommodated will become quite important]




Sample Solution