Global Health Concerns study case

1.What does the acronym ASHA mean? What kind of training is required for an ASHA? How is an ASHA compensated?
2.What were some of the challenges Savita faced early on when she became an ASHA?
3.Discuss how Savita prioritized her work?
4.What was Savita’s role in working with pregnant women? What were some of the challenges she faced?
5.How did Savita participate in the care of women delivering in the hospital? How did she advocate for them?
6.What kinds of care did Savita provide during the HBNC visits? How did her knowledge of the culture help in providing this care?
7.What was Savita’s role in Family Planning?
8.Do you think the ASHA role is important to a health care system? Why? In what kind of settings (countries; areas) would it be most effective?

Sample Solution