Good organization of a report

Assignment 2.
This is a group assignment comprising of no more than 5 students. This assignment is a continuation of your first assignment. The objective of this assignment is develop a “feasible and practical” strategic plan to migrate the current Supply Chain/electronic Supply Chain operations onto the e-platform or to improve the current SC/eSC operations via latest technology solution.
Your task is to identify the issues occurred in the current SC/eSC operations that required immediate resolutions or improvement. You should try to emphasize the issues from the context of SC/eSC “efficiency and responsiveness”. Once the issues are identified, you are required to offer a thorough analysis and discussion on “how and why” it is critical to implement the proposed strategy plan (solutions).

Assessment Criteria:
• A thorough analysis of the current supply chain or e-supply chain of the company
• An in-depth discussion on the issues faced by the company or issues that can be improved and how e-supply chain can help to solve these issues and why it is critical to implement/improve this e-supply chain
• In-depth analysis of the proposed e-supply chain initiative and valid recommendations made on the basis of the analysis – focus on “why” and “how”.
• Good organization of the report
• Clarity of presentation
• Adequate up-to-date references (within 6 years i.e. 2011-2018/2019) from the Internet and the literature to support arguments.
• Correct referencing style (Harvard referencing system) used
• You must include at least 15 Journal Articles/Cases/Business Report

Sample Solution