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Based on the analysis, what are major findings of the external environment and internal
condition of the firm? What is the firm strategy? Present a concise and relevant analysis of the
internal and external environments of the firm, including financial and economic analyses, graphs and spreadsheets of relevant data and trends. It is important that you attempt to identify as explicitly as possible the relevance (or implications) of these current and prospective environmental findings for your subject company. Your position in time (i.e., when you are conducting your analysis) is when the case material ends (this is evident for all cases that you will be assigned). You are encouraged to use the extensive Library resources in the conduct of your environmental assessment. Actual events, trends, economic activity, etc. – all relevant matters external to the subject company – that have taken place from the end of the case up to the present time may be taken as “forecasts” that you’ve made as part of your environmental assessment.

Sample Solution