Working in groups of 4 — 6, you will select and analyze the manufacturing operations of one of these companies (1st come; 1st served); and your analysis will be summarized in a report (one report per group). Your report will include relevant background information, as well as the nature of the products produced, and the production processes used, by the company. Pertinent
information would include, but not be limited to, supply chain information, the location of major production facilities (and, perhaps, the reasoning for those locations), a detailed discussion of the manufacturing process itself, and how the company’s final products are distributed. Realistically, your report should be no less than 10 pages [double spaced; 12-point font; paginated and sourced to the extent appropriate] — excluding sourcing. I only need to do production process, Distribution of products and Financials/ margin cost/ money they were investing. ( The company is Google.)

Sample Solution