Governance in Policing


Below are links to articles which are an overview of a “mini-case study” involving an “incident” at the Manus Island Detention Centre.

The focus of this is for you to apply your knowledge of the Private Security, Interagency Cooperation, Jurisdiction and Legitimacy, to the topic at hand. It is not to debate the issue of Asylum Seekers/Detention Centres.

Your overview of the “mini-case study” is as Follows:
1. Correctly Identify who had jurisdiction over the case. 3 Points.
2. Identity ONE potential issue or challenge related to perceived or actual legitimacy of the investigation and conviction.

Only point 1: identify jurisdiction, may be a dot point response.

Point 2: Use your word count to explain point 2.

Your answer must be restricted to 350 words

This is NOT specified in the articles- it requires you to THINK about the content and apply your own knowledge, and explain why this is an issue. 7 Points as follows: Pass 3.5; Credit 4; Distinction 5; High Distinction 6-7.

Part 1 is in the links. It is a right or wrong answer, and a full three points will be awarded to the correct identification of who has jurisdiction.
Part 2 is not in the links. It requires you to draw on the knowledge gained throughout this unit, and the duration of your studies, to evaluate the situation and present a considered response. It is highly unlikely that there will be any need for references or quotes in this response, as it is your understanding of how the situation may be perceived, within the context of the concept and practice of Governance.

Sample Solution