Grant App

Provide constructive, detailed feedback to help the person improve his or her grant, as well as noting the areas that you found particularly helpful or well-written. While in real life each grantmaking organization has a different set of review criteria, for the purposes of this assignment, each of you will use the same review criteria and process. After reading your classmate’s grant, write a brief memo providing constructive feedback. Consider the following questions in your review:1) Was the statement of need clear? Do you know why the funding is needed? Does the need seem to be relevant?2) Does the organization have the capacity to manage the program?3) Does the project design make sense? Is it well-thought out? Does it seem achievable? Does the project meet the addressed need?4) Does the budget address the societal need and meet the project needs?5) Is the proposal clear? Does the writing style meet the expectations we discussed?6) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the application?7) Based on the proposal, how likely are you to fund this application?

Sample Solution