Greatness Factor


  1. Greatness Factor Worksheet

The greatness factor worksheet answers questions such as; who are we, what guides us, our mission, vision, value and brand promise. Answering these questions as stipulated in the greatness zone will enable me to determine personal developments and performances that I will be capable of after I graduate. Additionally it will play a role in helping me improve by seeking coaching, education or even consulting from experienced personnel (Coyle, 23). To begin with the self-definitive question on who I am; I am a hardworking, talented and committed team player who has been brought up from a very hardworking family background. My interests are centered on meeting and making new friends. As a focused youth who is preparing to take up leadership roles in the near future, I am confident that the few years that I have lived have been fruitful in imparting some skills into me. Among them is the human relations skill. It is through socialization that I have developed interpersonal skills, good communications skills and respect for other cultures, ethnicity and religious believes.

The second question revolves around establishing what guides us (Lakshman, 41). I understand that the greatness zone connects our passion, values and talents to the world; as a result I am guided by the realization that I will be productive after completing school. I would like to get a formal employment where I will be able to apply the life skills that I have gained in the Business Administration course. This would probably be in a company where I will be employed as a first line or second line manager after which I intent to be a job creator. In answering the question on our personal mission statement or what we do, I am a hardworking student who is aimed at bigger achievements after graduating. I intent to explore my special and unique abilities to create a global business ventures that will provide employment to many people and positively impact on the quality of people. The fourth question posed by the greatness zone relates to the vision and why we do what we do (Schwartz & Gimbel, 99). Apparently I am motivated by the need to utilize my unique business ideas into doing something that I am passionate with in order to attain personal fulfillment. The fifth question relates to my personal values. I value living a great life because I believe I have a high rating greatness factor implied by my unique intrinsic talents, passion and risk taking abilities. The question on our brand promise requires me to treat other people as special human beings, utilize my education to benefit the society, discover my hidden potential and be a part of transformational leaders that the world requires to instigate social change.

  1. List of possibilities

Seek formal employment as a first line or second line manager (it matters to me) Create a unique global business venture that will provide employment while improving the quality of human lives (fits all criteria, good at it, I love it, and it matters most to me)Continue with education (I love it)

  1. After college, I intend to seek up a formal employment opportunity which will give me the capital I require to start up and run my business. Approximately this might take three years after which I will start the business in the fourth year. Assuming that I saved 50% of my monthly salary, called for annual fundraisers, and sought a business loan during my third year of employment, I will be able to achieve my four year plan.

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