Green House Effect

Write a Lab Report – Green House Effect
Lab report Consist of multiple sections:

  1. Objectives: What is the point of the experiment? Really important when writing conclusion section.
  2. Materials/apparatus
  3. Procedure
  4. Results: The results section consists of simple
    statements that relay the outcome of the experiment . No other information should be included in this section
    i.Original data (Table)
    iii.Figures/Curves: Graph must be showed with unit.
  5. Conclusions: Your conclusions must only draw from the
    objectives you cannot make conclusions based on things you did not measure or ‘believe’ to be true.
  6. Reference: Should be final section at end of lab report. Use MLA format for references.
    Last Name, First Initial. “Title of
    article/chapter.” Title of Book/Publication
    (Year): pages

Sample Solution