Respond to two of the following questions:

1) The transition phase of a group’s development is marked by feelings of anxiety and defenses in the form of various behavior patterns. What are those behavior patterns?

2) A central role of members at this time is to recognize and deal with the many forms of defensiveness. How may these forms of defensiveness appear in a group?

3) The major challenge facing leaders during the transition period is to provide a safe environment with clear boundaries. Another challenge is to intervene in the group in a sensitive and timely manner. The major task is to provide the encouragement and the challenge necessary for members to face and resolve conflicts and negative reactions that exist within the group and certain behaviors that stem from their defenses against anxiety. To meet this challenge, what are the tasks of a group leader ?

Chapter 8

Respond to one of the following questions:

1) When a group reaches the working stage, what are its central characteristics ?

2) The working stage is characterized by the exploration of personally meaningful material. To reach this stage, members will have to fulfill what tasks and roles? 3) Leaders address what central leadership functions at the working stage?


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