Gun violence

In a couple of paragraphs discuss some recent event where gun violence was an issue and discuss your thoughts on whether guns played a role or did not really play a role in the CAUSE of the violence (obviously guns were involved in the violence, but did access to guns CAUSE the violence?). Be scientific here – it is extremely unlikely that ACCESS to guns caused the violence, so put together some thoughts (NOT A RANT) on how access to guns did, or did not, play a significant role in what happened. Think about how restricting access to guns would, or would not, help prevent this type of violence in the future, and if access to weapons is not the answer, then WHAT IS???  BE BRIEF and BE SPECIFIC but please do NOT be simplistic (don’t say ‘well, if we did not have guns we would not have mass shootings”) – recognize that  guns are already out there and we have no way of getting most of them back. So be realistic about our current state of affairs in the US and what happens when we take away rights from passionate people.  Comparing us to other nations that have never had access to weapons is not useful here. If you have found some articles to help you formulate your thoughts, then cite or discuss them.  There’s not a lot of good research on this topic because research is impossible to do in a controlled or valid manner. You can do this assignment in a “pro/con” manner if you want. It is JUST an opinion piece, don’t go crazy with it and please do not be offensive or otherwise intellectually challenged. Think in terms of PREVENTION and write as if you were writing a scientifically informed blog.  NO FAKE FACTS.  I will check and you will get a zero, which would be a major drag.



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