Gym application

The project is creating a gym application what does that mean?
The idea is about creating account in the application and specialists will give you the workout plan diet plant
and the right supplements to use, how does it work?, each member will fill a form in the application mentioning
there weight, height, and some additional information, also they going to upload three pictures for their body
from three different angles every week to monitior progress the idea is creating three months body
transformation for each member and there will be weekly monitoring from the specialists. When members
create account they will have access for some data to help them with there goals. The application will be
available on both ios and android systems. please find the attached example for a previous presentation how
the format should be>
Just to remind you that your presentation must cover / explain the following key points:
Description of your project (product / service / initiative/ event) – describe the key features, benefits and
Who are the Stakeholders?
Project management method to be used (Phased, Agile, Prototype)
Project Life Cycle (Initiation / Planning/ Implementation / Performance-control / completion)
Project Constraints (Scope, Time, Cost – Finance, Quality etc)
Timeline of key milestones

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