Hagberg′s model of leadership

Research Hagberg’s Model of Leadership and Power. In a 2,000-2,500 word paper discuss the following:
1.Choose 2 of the leadership qualities and 1 health care event or policy from the past 5 years:
2.For each of the ones you have selected discuss the following:
Describe the style – Cite at least 2 scholarly articles that help provide clarify of style
Identify at least 1 health care event or policy that related to the type of leadership qualities you selected.
Discuss the benefits to the style in the health care event or policy
Discuss the challenges to this style in the health care event or policy
Does this style work for all types of people? Who and why?
3.Summarize your learning of the styles and discuss how this understanding will benefit as you continue in your leadership roles.
Your final project should be a minimum of 2,000 words and include each of the pieces from the outline listed above. You should cite at least four (4) scholarly articles within your paper.

Sample Solution