Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness

Take COVID-19 as a disaster. Give examples of COVID19-related direct financial costs, long-term economic costs, environmental costs, AND societal costs. Also, how are these different losses interconnected? How COVID-19 could create economic costs that in turn created an environmental loss? Do you think there will be a difference between rich and poor countries recovering from the pandemic?

Again, take COVID-19 as an example. Back in September 2019, you were offered Anthony Fauci’s job because he resigned. He mentioned something about nobody listening to him and taking him seriously. Rumor says that he slammed the door on his way out and yelled furiously ” I’m too old for this s.”. Fauci left on his desk a file that was pointing to a pandemic developing in the next months. The White House has given you the chance to brief the President. You gave a very persuasive presentation and somehow convinced everyone about the importance of developing a plan to tackle, as much as possible, the pandemic. However, they only give you ONE potential strategy/action/measure for EACH of the following categories: preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation, and prevention. Discuss why you believe these strategies/actions/measures you chose are essential (please, leave political opinions aside).

Sample Solution