Case Study Presentation 3
Khalid is a 55 years old smoker who leads a sedentary lifestyle. He visits his doctor’s office for a check-up. He has no family history of diabetes but his grandfather died from a heart attack and his dad had hypertension. The following are his results:

• Weight: 98kg
• Height: 177cm
• Waist circumference: 130cm

Heart Rate
• 140BPM

Blood pressure
• 105/80 mmHg
Lab tests
• Fasting Blood Glucose: 80 mg/dl
• Total cholesterol: 190 mg/dl
• LDL: 160 mg/dl
• HDL: 30 mg/dl

• Write a complete assessment of Khalid’s health status by discussing all the above results.
• Diagnose him with the appropriate disease
• Explain the disease, its mechanism and parts of the body it effects






Sample Solution