Health and medicine charities in the US

Research Health and Medicine of nonprofit engagement.  In your individual paper, you should address both the philanthropic and the nonprofit aspects of the chosen area of engagement. For example:


  • Which individuals or philanthropic groups donate for what types of causes within that area of engagement?
  • Has there been a trend in giving over the last two or three decades?
  • How important is philanthropy to nonprofit organizations operating in that space?
  • On which other funding sources do nonprofits in this area of engagement rely on?
  • What is the size and scope of the nonprofit organizations that function in this area of engagement?
  • What specific issues and challenges do these nonprofit organizations face?
  • Have nonprofit organizations innovated or evolved to create efficiencies or greater impact?
  • Does this area of engagement typically partner with either/both the private or government sectors?
  • In what types of policy and advocacy do these organizations engage?
  • Are there ethical dilemmas specific to this area of nonprofit engagement?
  • Do management and boards in this area of engagement appear to reflect the demographics of the intended beneficiaries?

In conducting your research, there are sources we recommend you start with:

  • Giving the USA: Provides both statistics as well as a written commentary on giving in each of these sectors.
  • Zinnsmeister, K. (2016), An Almanac of American Philanthropy provides a historical interpretation of the development of philanthropy in many of these fields.
  • Urban Institute Nonprofit and Philanthropy research area: has numerous reports in specific areas of engagement and the presents data on nonprofits.

Anheier, H. and Hammack D. (2015), American Foundations: Roles and Contributions provides more detailed essays about foundation engagement in some of the fields mentioned



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