Health Disparities

VIEW the following video and site:

Health and healthcare disparities in the US | Social Inequality | MCAT | Khan Academy

Health inequities and their causes World Health Organization

READ the following two articles:

U.S. Disparities in Health: Descriptions, Causes, and Mechanisms

ASHP Statement on Racial and Ethnic
Disparities in Health Care

Provide your preferred definition of “health disparities” Specify the source. Feel free to come up with your own definition.
React to the video and the WHO article. Did they help you to understand the concept of “health disparities”? How? Did you learn anything new? Explain.
From the Adler and Rehkopf (2007) article select a passage to remember. Explain your selection.
ASHP identifies seven Pharmacist´s roles in Eliminating Disparities.
In your opinion which of those roles should have priority. Explain.
Reflect on your education so far, do you feel ready to fulfill the selected role. Explain

Sample Solution