Health History

NRSG 2003
Health History Assignment (15%)
This project is worth 30 marks and 15% of your overall grade. This project is to be done individually. The marking scheme is also on page 8 of your course package. This is due week 4.
This assignment is designed to introduce students to the concept of collecting accurate, detailed, subjective data through the interview process. Each student will interview their lab partner and create a nursing care plan responding to one concern in the “patient’s” presentation.
This assignment will assist you to meet the following learning objectives:

  1. Obtain a holistic health history using appropriate interviewing skills.
  2. Develop focused assessment skills relevant to the growth and development of the individual.
  3. Review and analyze data using critical thinking, practice judgment and diagnostic reasoning.
  4. Document and report findings using correct terminology.
    The project will be marked as follows:

Gathering Data /16
 All systems discussed in detail
o Skin
o Hair and Nails
o Head
o Eyes
o Ears, Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, Throat and Neck
o Breast
o Respiratory system
o Cardiovascular system
o Peripheral vascular system
o Gastrointestinal system
o Urinary system
o Female/ Male genital system
o Musculoskeletal system
o Neurological system
o Hematological system
o Endocrine system

Summary of Findings /4
 Think key points from above
o Hints: reason for seeking care, background details of pt, what you saw, priorities/ abnormalities/ concerns, etc.

Nursing Diagnosis and Health Promotion Plan /5

o (These sites are here to assist you with this step)
o I also have a textbook you can request to use in advance
 Nursing Diagnosis
o Accurate & relevant
o Phrased approp.
 Health Promotion Plan
o A min. of 4 health promotion plans
 Hints: be specific, give examples, use resources to expand/ support ideas
APA /2
 T1 T2 Headings
 Citations
 References
o Min. of 2 scholarly references (used in health promotion plan)
 Spelling & Grammar


Sample Solution