Health Policy Agenda

Scene 1: Hospital Leadership
As the Quality Assurance Manager at Independence Medical Center, you have been tasked with reviewing the current electronic health record (EHR) system. The leadership team at Vila Health has concerns that the current system is not fully compliant with existing regulations and Meaningful Use guidelines. Today you will be gathering information for a presentation you are preparing for Vila Health leadership. The EHR in use at Independence Medical Center is an Opus* system that was implemented in 2008. The CPOE is an Opus module, but none of the other health information systems in use at Independence Medical Center are Opus products.

Think about the important players and influencers. Who do you think might have the most influence for your issue? If you have not done so yet, make sure to complete the media activity Vila Health: Health Policy Agenda (linked in the Resources) before completing this assignment. The media will walk you through the process needed for this assignment, and is critical to your success. To successfully complete this assignment, include the following: Background of the Issue. Describe the provisions of the current law the proposal would change or, if no law exists, explain and analyze the problems this causes. Identify where one or more changes in the selected health policy are needed. Analyze the changes needed. Discuss why this is the case. Why is the policy not working well? Evaluate the strategic impact of the health policy issue (enacted or possible), projecting the strategic influence on population health and impact on the health industry over the next 3–5 years and beyond, and future needs for th?????????????????????e policy. Proposed Solutions. Outline the specific vision for the change. Describe the legislative process to accomplish the change. Describe an explicit vision for change to those affected. Challenge and critique the status quo by comparing it to the ideal vision of change. Justification. Describe the problems and how the proposal would resolve them. Cite studies supporting the proposed action. Advocacy. Identify the special interest group that would support your selected health care policy. Identify the political action structure of your selected special interest group. Explain who the proposal would impact. Describe why the special interest group should support this proposal. Define a strategy for delivering the message or vision for change to those affected. Include methods for influencing the legislative process to achieve change. Recommend a strategy for delivering the message and how to address potential barriers. Writing Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.






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