Health Policy and Management

Unit 4 Discussion 1 – Scope of Practice (Inter-team discussion)
Consider the role of government and various professional organizations in the process of planning and
implementing policies at management levels for diverse healthcare environments.
Nurse Practitioners (NP) are essential healthcare providers, meeting the needs of communities in both rural
and urban settings. The scope of practice for NPs varies by state, ranging from the full scope of practice to
reduce, or restricted practice. Review the map and associated information below.
State Practice Environment Map (Links to an external site.) (American Association of Nurse Practitioners,
Your instructor will assign you into two groups, each will argue an assigned viewpoint of this issue. Your
personal beliefs may differ, and you will need to use evidence to support the position of your group:
Group A – will debate in FAVOR of expanding the scope of practice in the state of Florida.
Group B – will debate in OPPOSITION to expanding the scope of practice in the state of Florida.
Required action:
For this discussion (Unit 4, Discussion 1) choose or step up as a “team leader.” The team leader will be
responsible for synthesizing the group’s argument and posting to the Unit 5 Discussion board for
Comprehensive Arguments. The team leader is not required to contribute resources to Unit 4 Discussion 1. To
receive credit for participation, the team leader should respond to peers, facilitating dialog about the resources,
as needed.
Begin sharing resources and dialog within your team’s discussion board. Your first post must be created by
11:59 pm CST Wednesday, and at least two responses posted by 11:59 pm CST Sunday to be eligible for full
collaboration points.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format

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