Health Policy and Management

This assessment addresses the following learning objective(s):
Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on nursing practices (and/or change to
providers), healthcare delivery, and outcomes while maintaining balance with administrative and fiscal
The healthcare industry is made up of diverse people and teams. This includes individuals who create policies,
groups who lobby for legislation, and the people and teams who implement and follow laws and policies. For
this assignment, you will reflect on your role, past, present, and future, regarding health policies. While
research is encouraged for this assignment, in-text citations are not necessary. The purpose of this assignment
is to provide your instructor with your knowledge framework and allow you to reflect on your knowledge and
identify biases.
In an introductory paragraph, briefly summarize your scope of knowledge regarding health policy, both
state/federal, and organizational policies.
In a second paragraph, explain why you wish to develop a deeper understanding of the policy creation,
implementation, and assessment process. For example, how will understanding health policy improve your
professional practice?
In a closing paragraph, address the following questions:
What biases/strong opinions do you have regarding health policy (state, federal, organizational policies)?
What caused those biases/opinions to develop (personal experiences, patient interactions, etc.)?
How will you respectfully maintain or evolve your bias/opinions as you advance in this course, and your
What is your primary source of information for staying up-to-date on state and federal health policy (names of
publications, websites, organization-disseminated information, etc.)?

Sample Solution