Healthcare Intake Packet

You are now ready to take the basic components you have created so far and, using those as a foundation, create the final Intake Packet the hospital will use during admissions. The Intake Packet will be comprised of the following elements:

A New Patient Letter to accompany the Intake Packet
The letter should be in business letter format (Here is a library resource for help writing a business letter.)
The letter should address the following points for the patient:
An explanation of the importance of ethics
Why each part of the packet is included
How the packet is to be used
The letter should also include a HIPAA/Confidentiality statement
The letter should also include a Privacy Pledge
The Code of Ethics
Based on your PowerPoint Presentation, create a one-page bulleted Code of Ethics
A sample Living Will
Make any necessary changes to your Living Will template and include it as part of the Intake Packet
Create a new form for the patient to sign, acknowledging receipt of the above documents
In addition, you will craft an email to the CEO and the Board of Directors, explaining the purpose of the Intake Packet and all its components. Your email should use proper email formatting (including subject line description) and contain language appropriate to the receiver. (Here is a library resource for help writing a professional email.)

Finally, develop a PowerPoint presentation with audio for placement on the Facility website. (Here is a library resource for help creating a PowerPoint presentation.) Your audience includes past, current, and future patients. In the PowerPoint presentation, you will address the following:

The Ethics and Values of the organization and an overview of the Code of Ethics
The Purpose of the Intake Packet
Explanation of the Privacy Policy
Explanation of HIPAA, and its goals and purpose
Description and encouragement to sign the form acknowledging receipt
The PowerPoint presentation (or other shareable Webware/software you prefer) should be done with narration in which you explain each component of the Intake Packet.

The PowerPoint should be between 10 and 15 slides.
Describe each component of the Intake Packet.
Use the notes area on each slide as needed to expand on the key points.
You may use a free screen capture site such as Screencast-O-Matic to record a video of your presentation. Screencast-O-Matic is a site and program that can perform screen desk and audio capture up to 15 minutes for free, and can be utilized on a Windows or Mac computer

Sample Solution