Healthy People 2020 Disease Health Disparity PowerPoint Presentation-Obesity in Hispanic Adult Population

Paper details Guidelines for PowerPoint:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Healthy People 2020 web site in our course webliography

2. PowerPoint to include Title slide, minimum 10 frames, include APA references

3. Identify a population and Health disparity which is found in your work setting

4. Conduct a literature search in the Keiser online library using scholarly sources and provide a brief history of the medical condition inherent in this group including health promotion screening and prevention opportunities

5. Provide statistical information to include comparisons to other populations if applicable

6. Explore evidenced-based cultural values, characteristics, and communication

7. Examine why health disparities exist in this population

8. Provide culturally competent heath promotion activities aimed at health promotion and disease prevention for your population

9. Explore health literacy as it applies to your population (textbook)

10. Suggest a political means to advocate for your at risk population










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