Heat Transfer Design Project

Consider a 2.5 cm diameter thin walled horizontal cylindrical pipe that carries chilled water at
about 5°C. The pipe is very long and is indoors in a climate controlled area with essentially still
air. Design an insulation system that will reduce heat gain per unit length of pipe by at least 75%
as compared to the heat gain to the bare pipe.
Completely specify the insulation system (materials, dimensions, etc.) you design.
In your design report, include enough information about your calculations, assumptions and
choices so that an engineer at your level could rework the design if one or more conditions (e.g.
pipe diameter, operating environment, . . .) change.
Each team should work independently, no collaboration between teams. Your text has all the
information, including material properties, which you need to complete the design. If you use
resources other than your text, provide thorough reference to them. (You may NOT use the insulations listed under “Reflective” at the bottom of Table A.3, page 906 in your text. Those are
very expensive and for use in cryogenic applications.)
Each team will submit one final report. It should be no more than three pages long, including
dimensioned drawings. On the first page there should be an executive summary no more than
one half page long.

Sample Solution