Heathrow aircraft noise pollution

1- Define background to noise and regulation.
2- How the impact of the environmental aspects relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
3- Assess the impact of aircraft noise at Heathrow airport and its contemporary noise
reduction measures.
4- Development of new noise reductions measures that Heathrow airport could introduce
to limit its impact on the local communities by conducting online survey.
In this respect, the main research questions examined include;
1- What is the main background and regulations of aircraft noise pollution?
2- What is the relation between the environmental aspect and Maslow’s Hierarchy
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of Needs?
3- What effects has aircraft noise on Heathrow airport and what are the current
measures that the airport has implemented to manage noise pollution? 4- What new
measures could Heathrow airport adopt to limit aircraft noise on the surrounding local

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