Heinrich Wölfflin, Principles of Art History

The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art, excerpt in Preziosi, pp. 115-126.

1. Explain Wölfflin’s ‘five pairs of concepts’.

2. How did Wölfflin conceive of the development of art history? Did he value the art of some periods over other periods? Compare with the developmental concept of Vasari.

Erwin Panofsky, ‘Iconography and Iconology: An Introduction to the Study of Renaissance Art’, Studies in Iconology: Humanistic Themes in the Art of the Renaissance (1939) [1972 version: 709.024 PAN] [also available in Panofsky, Meaning in the Visual Arts (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1955), pp. 51-81].

1. Explain what Erwin Panofsky means by the terms Pre-iconographical, Iconography and Iconology.

Erwin Panofsky, ‘Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait’, The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, Vol. 64, No. 372 (Mar. 1934), pp. 117-119 and 122-127.

1. Summarise in bullet points how Panofsky supports his argument for interpreting the van Eyck painting as representing a marriage.

























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