Helpful or Harmful Situations

Educational Data: Problem 2 -Respond Accurately: Analyze Rhetoric
The topic of Paper: Homework, is it helpful or harmful
Problem Statement: The school board recently started conversations with the superintendent about issues in education. The issues included but were not limited to: graduation rates, special education, ESSA,. Smarter Balanced testing, common core state standards and effective teaching strategies. The superintendent has developed several committees to start addressing each of these issues and finding solutions. Unfortunate, the superintendent realizes in her observation of the of the committees that participants are getting wrapped up in the rhetoric of these educational issues, and not looking at possible solutions. Moreover, no one is considering the student voice when discussing these issues. As a way to respond, the superintendent has asked you to do the following for each committee.

  1. Analyze the rhetoric of your topic. (It’s important to understand what, exactly, is being communicated and how it is done so in order to avoid misinterpreting information. Questions to guide your analysis might include: What is explicit? What is implied? In what context the message being communicated? The superintendent wants everyone to formulate solutions.)
  2. What could be said or done to better account for student voice with these issues? (Consider genre, audience, and purpose. What would make a meaningful impact?)

Sample Solution