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Study write-up –The paper should be a minimum of five pages (including cover sheet and reference page). The reference page should include all 4 references. You will need an introduction, a methods section, a results section, and a discussion. The paper should be written in APA style for a college-educated audience that knows nothing about your topic.

The introduction should include (a) What is the point (hypothesis) of the study? (b) What is the rationale or logical link between the study and the research design? (c) What is the relationship between the study and previous work in the area? The introduction should indicate the nature of the problem you are trying to solve. Such a question has probably arisen from your own or from other people’s observations and research – you should indicate this and then state your hypothesis for the problem. This will be followed by your predictions of the results of experimental tests. The most difficult part of writing the introduction is to explicitly develop the logical connection between your research question, the work in the literature and your research design. It may be tempting to cite many articles to enhance the content of your paper, but avoid citing studies that are not directly pertinent to specific issues in your study. Do not completely describe your reference studies; often all that is necessary is a brief description of the variables, manipulations, analyses, and results. USE THE ARTICLES ATTACHED!

The purpose of our research is to see how college students exhibit a willingness to help when seeing that someone needs it but without directly being asked to help.

Our experiment consists of one student (researcher) holding items to make their hands full. The researcher will attempt to open a door on the Rollins campus to see if anyone will help them open the door. If no participants help the researcher, we will use a research group member to act as a participant to see if others will mimic their behavior. Gender, time intervals, and a number of bystanders will be noted.

Observed 22 people:
3 people ignored and didn’t help, rushed and distracted
5 people didn’t help, numerous bystanders
9 women opened the door
5 of the women were alone

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