Heredity or environment as the primary determinant for personality

Personality is commonly defined as “.. enduring patterns of thought, feeling, motivation and behaviour that are expressed in different circumstances.” (Burton, Westen & Kowalski, 2019, p. 707)

  • Historically there have been two perspectives on what contributes to personality
  • The first is heredity – the organism’s inherited genetic code which provides an innate advantage or disadvantage over other organisms.
  • The second is environment – the circumstances in which the organism finds itself including social setting and available learning opportunities.
  • It is currently accepted that these two factors interact and both contribute to personality.
  • However, your task is to use current research and argue that one is more important than the other.
  • Write a brief essay which takes a stand on whether personality is determined primarily by heredity or environment.
  • Search for the terms “heredity,” “environment”and “intelligence”
  • To widen the search, you may want to include terms such as: nature, nurture, genetics, twin studies, etc.
  • Select and download the full-text version of two articles which both support your stance.

Sample Solution