Compare and Contrast the terms “allele” and “gene.” Define the following terms: gene, allele, dominant, recessive, true-breeding, homozygous, cross-fertilization, self-fertilization What is sex linkage? In mammals, which sex would be most likely to show recessive sex-linked traits? What is the difference between phenotype and a genotype? Does knowledge of an organism’s phenotype always allow you to determine the genotype? What type of experiment would you perform to determine the genotype of a phenotypically dominant individual? Complete the following genetic problem using the Punnet Square Method. Create a chart for each of the listed combinations. In the edible pea, tall (T) is dominant to short (t), and green pods (G) are dominant to yellow (g). List the types of gametes and offspring that would be produced in the following crosses: TtGg x TtGg TtGg x TTGG TtGg x Ttgg

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