High-Performance Company “Dell”

I select “Dell” company as a high-Performance business, and I have to prove that the company is doing well and is a high-performance company. I should write the paper based on the concepts and analysis of key concepts(critical success factors) listed below. The paper is designed to examine at least 3 elements deeply. The key to this assignment is to examine the company or organization as a high performing organization based on the elements listed below. A thorough analysis and demonstration of these concepts written in a 9-page double spaced paper will be required. Please make recommendations of other critical success factors that would improve the organization. Also through the deep research please mention some failures that the company has encountered and how the company survived or deal with the problems and succeed.
Critical success factors
Inspire Culture of Excellence
Promote Diversity & Inclusion
Anticipate Change & Foster Innovation
Conscious of the brand
Be your own boss
Master Small to Be Big

Sample Solution