High school administration

A high school administration is trying to organize a curriculum for students preparing for
university. And the options are offered for teachers’ approval. The votes received from the
teachers and the predicted results of each change in the university exams are given below.
Vote predicted increase in results
Additional mathematics lesson 15 3
Additional geometry lesson 12 2
Remove P.E lesson 18 1
Hire counselor for students 10 3
To organize seminars 7 2
Additional Physics lesson 9 4
The conditions to be followed while creating the curriculum are determined as follows:

  • The increase in estimated in results should be at least 7.
  • Make two of the additional courses at most.
  • Maximum one of the counselor and seminars can be preferred.
  • One of the additional mathematics or seminars must be done.
    Develop a linear programming model by following the model development processes and
    explaining each stage to find the best curriculum to be created in line with the votes of the
    teachers, provided that they follow the determined rules.

Sample Solution