Please write a 3-5 page research paper on some aspect of one of the religions we have studied this semester. Your paper should demonstrate the following things:

  1. Demonstrate a greater understanding of your topic than what is available in the text book. In order to accomplish this aim you should refer to at least three additional scholarly sources in addition to our textbook.
  2. Be written as an informative essay focusing on a single topic.
  3. Be focused on a religion other than one commonly practiced in your social context. This means, if you were born and raised among Buddhists you should pick a religion other than Buddhism on which to write your paper. If you were born and raised among Christians, you should pick a religion other than Christianity, etc. One of the purposes of this paper is to encourage you to learn more about a religion that is new to you–to broaden your understanding of things outside of your present worldview.

Sample Solution