His Girl Friday (1940)

Watch His Girl Friday (1940) (you can find this movie online. if you can’t find the movie, just let me know )then using Chapter 10 as a guide answer the prompts below (Max 300 words), and respond to two of your classmates.

First, define the four traditional approaches to film history analysis (aesthetic, economic, technological, and social) and include comments on at least one of these approaches in your response to the following.
As you study this film, explore its historical context. What year was it made? Who was likely to have seen it? What elements of the historical context are reflected in the film itself?
Consider the history of the filmmakers who created the movie. Does the director have a recognizable style or pattern of subjects? How does this film fit into that pattern? How has the cinematographer approached the subject, and is it different from past work? How does the costume design reflect both the period depicted on-screen and the era when the film was made?

Sample Solution