Hispanic Infant / Toddler Analysis

Assess the relationship between an infant/child and his/her caregiver(s); Jennifer and Alex, and they are Hispanic, that only speak Spanish.
Assess the infant/child’s cognitive and social-emotional development;
Test theories to see how well they help you understand the observation; -this is included as an attachment.

Compose a 5 – 6 page analysis of your experience.
The paper must adhere to APA (6th edition) style and formatting and incorporate a minimum of four (4) references.
Include the following:
Introduction of the infant/toddler and caregiver(s) observed and interviewed.
Note how consent and confidentiality were addressed.
Provide a holistic description of the experience. Be descriptive so the reader can visualize the infant/toddler in a humanistic manner.
Include: features of Hispanic culture, environment, cultural contexts and interactions, protective factors and challenges, organizations and systems.
Include a critical reflection addressing a) your assumptions going into the assignment, b) insight into your cultural lens, and c) any impacts it had on your ability to conduct the observation.

Sample Solution