Historical interpretation Essay

In writing the essays, you will offer a historical interpretation based on your analysis of THREE relevant assigned primary source documents from the period

we’re studying.

I will assign a grade of Credit or No Credit according to the degree of mastery of the unit’s material and clarity and persuasiveness of the essay. In grading

the essays, I will be considering:

Does the essay respond to the question with an analytical thesis statement?
Does the essay support the thesis with substantial discussion of evidence, including use of evidence from three relevant assigned documents?
Does the essay reflect understanding of the documents, their content and their significance?
Does it reflect overall understanding of the unit and its learning objectives as presented in our course materials, from both assigned readings and lectures?
Does it reflect independent thought about the topics under consideration?
Does the essay offer informed analysis, rather than uninformed personal opinions?
Is the discussion specific, rather than vague? Are examples from the unit’s material used to prove points and back up generalizations?
Is the essay clearly written?

  1. Is the structure in essay format, with complete sentences and paragraphs, an introduction and a conclusion?
  2. Is it free of excessive spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors?

Sample Solution