. History book For Cause and Comrades’

Much of this book is based on research of soldiers’ letters and diaries during the Civil War. You will write a reflective essay on the following prompt: What is this book trying to convey? What became the cause for fighting on both sides? Was it the same in the North and the South? Are the same idea still present today? In your conclusion, think about how the story that is told is relevant to today. Your essay should include a brief synopsis of the author’s thesis and main points, an analysis of what the book adds to your knowledge of history (i.e. why soldiers fought, what deep political and ideological convictions were present in their enlistment, and thoughts on its relevancy. In addition to the prompt, I would like for you to conclude your essay with and analysis of how you believe this book would be good for use in the classroom. Is it aood ancillary literature to the textbook?






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