“History of Books”

Read Chapter 3 of the textbook. Then take one of the clusters of questions, and write a response to them

1) Questions for Section 3.1 “History of Books”

What ancient book form did the codex replace, and why was the codex an improvement on that form?
What is mechanical movable type, and how did it lead to the Gutenberg Revolution?
What is copyright, and how has its legal interpretation changed over time?
How has the publishing industry evolved since the invention of the printing press?

2) Questions for Section 3.2 “Books and the Development of U.S. Popular Culture”

How was 18th-century literature affected by the changing role of women during this period?
What are some of the ways that authors tried to create a distinctive American style in the 19th century?
What changes in American society were reflected by 20th-century literature?

3) Questions for Section 3.3 “Major Book Formats”

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hardcover books?
What are the two kinds of paperback books, and how do they differ?
What is an e-book, and how is it different from hardcopy books?

4) Questions for Section 3.4 “Current Publishing Trends”

What is blockbuster syndrome, and how does it affect the publishing industry?
What factors led to the rise and decline of book superstores?
How do price wars affect the publishing industry?

5) Questions for Section 3.5 “The Influence of New Technology”

What are some ways that e-books are changing the publishing industry?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of digital libraries?
What is print-on-demand, and how does it influence the book industry?

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