History of China

1.Two views on the origin of Chinese culture. One is that there was a geographically and culturally united with a strong and prosperous center extending its influence outward to an ever-larger area. Specifically, Chinese civilization originated from the central plain of the Yellow River region, i.e. area ruled under Shang, and spread outward. A competing view argues that there probably existed multiple centers of culture jointly ancestral to Chinese civilization. Discuss evidence that bears on the two views from what you have read in the textbook and lectures. Which view do you support and why? (In your response, write complete sentences and pay attention to grammar and mechanics such as capitalization and punctuation marks. No more than 300 words)

  1. What can you learn about ancient Chinese people’s beliefs of afterlife based on the funeral banner excavated in the Han tomb in Mawangdui (Horse King Mound)? (No more than 200 words)

Sample Solution