In a 4-6 page paper, answer all of the following requirements/questions about one of
the four main college football stories in Lane Demas’s Integrating the Gridiron.
1. Summarize the story Lane Demas presents.
2. What arguments does Demas construct about local understandings of race, and
how does he support them?
3. How do historically black newspapers demonstrate these “local” stories received

1. Analysis (10 points): paper is argument-driven, with an explicit thesis present, and
includes analysis and critical thinking; demonstrates a clear analytical voice; places
primary source documents in proper historical context
2. Content (10 points): all questions answered/all components of question addressed,
paper includes specific facts and information from the sources to support arguments;
accurate depiction of the primary source documents and their authors
3. Presentation (5 points): grammar and spelling, sentence structure and paragraph
structure, writing style; correct citations which give proper credit
Paper 1 is due Sunday, April 1, 11:59pm. Submit Paper 1 in the link “Submit:
Paper 1” provided under “Week 3” in Blackboard. Upload the file—as PDF, .doc, or
.docx—and mark the box to agree to submit the paper to the Global Reference Database.





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