History of Indonesia in 20th century and role of Islam

The presentation should:
• Focus on the over-arching political history of the chosen country from the 20th century to the present, but with a much larger focus on the 20th century.
• Discuss the key turning points and major events in this period.
• Choose an appropriate point in the 20th century and explain your start date. For example: For Saudi Arabia you can start with 1932 and explain the significance of this moment. Or for Pakistan start with the Partition in 1947 and briefly explain these events.
• Examine the main political groups who want power – who are they and what is their ideology? (left liberals, secularists, Islamists, religious scholars etc)
• Pay particular attention to the issue of democracy (if your country even acknowledges this!) or the type of leadership (monarchy, authoritarianism)
• Other than explaining what happened, also give your own assessment of the events.
• At the end briefly give some recommendations to the country. If you were a government advisor, what would you advise?






Sample Solution