History of Life

In order to better understand evolutionary history, we will be creating a timeline starting from 4.6 billion years ago. I started us off with the Hadean Era so you have an example of what I am expecting.

You can work together in your breakout sessions by utilizing Padlet. Here is the link to the padlet we are using for this assignment:

https://padlet.com/mgarciabioprof/HistoryofLife (Links to an external site.)

For each era or period that your group is assigned, you will be describing/designating the:

Time frame
Meaning of the name
Characterize the terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic conditions
Describe the climate
What type of organisms were alive/evolving during this time?
Any other interesting facts you came across
Your textbook, Chapter 21 is a great resource. You can also click on the following links:

LiveScience link (Links to an external site.)

Berkeley Geologic Timescale (Links to an external site.)

When your group has completed your sections of the padlet placed in the correct order on the timeline, you will submit the padlet URL.

Sample Solution