Home exam in the course sustainable development


Home exam in the course sustainable development
During the course you have participated in the following:
 lecture on ethics
 Earth’s development in the short and the introduction of sustainable development
 engineer’s role in sustainable development
 lectures with different perspectives (ecological, economic and social) on sustainable development
 individual exam that focuses on the three pillars of sustainable development: ecological, economic and social sustainability
 formulate a question and participated in the seminar
 studied course literature.
The question, based on a question that interests you. The question does not have to be based on the program you are studying. The question you have identified and formulated should you now develop your thoughts and relate to the following course objectives:
 knowledge of the concept of sustainable development from ecological, social and economic aspects
 ability to reflect on how ethical aspects related to sustainable development
 ability to reflect on the engineer’s importance in the work on sustainable development
 ability to reflect on their positions.
To be approved at the home exam, the following headings must be included and aspects of your problem addressed:
 economic aspects
 ecological aspects
 social aspects
 ethical aspects
 the engineer’s role-: how can the engineer contribute to sustainable development, exemplify and describe how?
 final discussion – here you reflect on your positions.
A requirement to pass on the home exam is that the whole text is proofread and that the language is correct. In addition, you need to substantiate your arguments with relevant sources.
NOTE! We restrict ourselves to only start from the planet Earth.
individual reporting is what counts. We will check this text via Urkund.
Your description should be at least 2 A4 pages and a maximum of 4 A4 pages. Fonts Garamond and text size 12 points. Row spacing 1.15.

Sample Solution