Home Invasion Incident Report

The Scenario

You are a patrol officer for the Ferris State Police Department working the afternoon shift on Sunday, June 6, 2021, when you receive a call to investigate a home invasion (burglary) that apparently ‘occurred sometime over the weekend’. The call information is found on the dispatch card below.

You arrive on scene at the residence and meet with the homeowner, Mr. John Smith and his wife, Judy. They tell you that they left to go camping on Friday afternoon around 5:00 pm (June 4, 2021) and when they returned this afternoon (Sunday, June 6, 2021) around 3:30 pm, they found that their home had been burglarized. The suspect(s) apparently forced open the back door of the residence by kicking the door open, breaking the door frame and leaving a boot print on the door.

The suspect(s) ransacked the residence once inside, and stole several items. While the Smiths are not completely sure of everything that is missing, they are sure that the following items were stolen.
Stolen items:

  1. Vizio 32” television (serial number unknown) (Value: $175)
  2. Vizio 50” television (serial number unknown) (Value: $600)
  3. Sony DVD player (serial number unknown) (Value: $30)
  4. HP 250 G8 laptop computer (serial number unknown) (Value: $600)
  5. Miscellaneous jewelry items (including necklaces, rings, broach, est. value $1000)
  6. Large (10-12 inch) custom made hunting knife with bone handle in leather sheath (est. $300)
    (*Given that the property section of the Incident Report Form does not give much room to report property, you may simply list the stolen items in the narrative instead of detailing them in the provided vehicle/property boxes.)

Sample Solution